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We're committed to providing high-quality legal service

 At Bruce Arthur And Associates in Eltham, service has been the key to our success. Lawyers are in a service industry and service is what we do best. We pride ourselves on providing a prompt and efficient legal services at competitive prices. We have wide ranging experience and knowledge and have strong links with allied services such as finance brokers to assist with your finance requirements and estate agents to facilitate the sale of your property.   Through a commitment to providing good customer service, efficient behind-the-scenes methods, and the finest legal advice, Bruce Arthur And Associates is the service you are looking for.

You can count on us

Bruce Arthur And Associates in Eltham is the legal advice service you can rely upon. We are available for after hours consultations, home visits and we attend aged care acre facilities.  With our  years of experience, and our commitment to providing quality services, we provide the highest standard in legal representation and advice.

Relax and let us take care of it

It's easy to find situations in which you require legal services stressful. It's important that you relax, distract yourself as we carefully and efficiently take care of your issue for you. It's our job to take care of these things, and it won't help if you aren't calm. Trust Bruce Arthur And Associates to handle everything for you. 


Eltham's leading legal advice service is reliable and efficient. We know how important it is to get quality advice in a timely fashion, which is why we will never keep you waiting longer than is necessary. We know we are in a service industry and prompt service is what we provide.


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